RUPTURE: (Virginia Barratt, Linda Dement, Jessie Boylan), Big Anxiety Festival, Esme Timbery CPL, UNSW, 2019
6 channel sound w synched video, trans-media and performance installation.

REFRESH ART TECH: exhibition ‘her eyes were as black as coal’, performance ‘this platform life’, workshop ‘mxtrx class’: In Her Interior (V Barratt, F da Rimini). Across multiple venues: Hudson Gallery, Knockdown Centre, Hunter College, New York, 2019

III + P and III+P (reprised): In Her Interior (Virginia Barratt and Francesca da Rimini), Format Systems Inc, Adelaide, October and November, 2017 (assisted by Stuart Maxted and Alice Nillson)

RUPTURE: Virginia Barratt, Jessie Boylan, Linda Dement + Jenna Tuke, surround sound, synched video installation,  Bendigo Art Gallery, 2018

Into My Arms, (Grace Marlowe with Virginia Barratt), Ace Open, Adelaide, 2018

Grace Marlow, ‘(again, back remain through’(2018)
‘(again, back remain through’ was a commissioned work embracing the site of ACE Open, its memory of experimental performance art, and the artists time researching and working in the space. The work negotiates ideas of the performative, reiterative function of language to consider the structural conditions of an embrace, and undertakes acts of translation from one form into another – written, vocalised, inscribed – and asks how can an embrace be performed in a body and through language.

B.A.B.S.: Virginia Barratt, Amy Ireland, Francesca da Rimini, performance, BC Institute, 20th Biennale of Sydney, 2016

For the 20th Biennale of Sydney, BC Institute created an evolving archive of performance art told from a multiplicity of perspectives. Through participatory performance, re-enactment and lectures, ‘Making History’ examined how feminist methodologies and alternative historiographical approaches can be used to reimagine past acts and events in the here-and-now.


this poem is not a panic: Virginia Barratt, Frances d’Ath, Dasniya Sommer + Neha Spellfish, performance, Kunsthaus Kule, Berlin, 2016

The Darkening with Francesca da Rimini and Quinn Eades;
De-tonation with Eve Klein and AnA Wojak,
Somatechnics Conference, Byron Bay, December 2016

After Ana Mendieta and Me: Falling, Flying, Becoming: Virginia Barratt, Ballinale, Spaceman Storage, Ballina, 2016

after Ana Mendieta and me: flying/falling/becoming 2016

I had a fear of flying
I cry in the staff galley at 33,000 feet
it’s ok, you are just doing philosophy
ana mendieta comes to live in my home, and i make a paper suit because of her
antony becomes bird-gehrl in our ears (ana and i, ana and me)
and we all fall/fly out the window together
the temptation to exist insists
on something other than the ground
and so we choose the impossibility of air and a thousand folding furls


X: Amy Ireland + Virginia Barratt, HAUNTINGS, First Draft, Sydney, 2015

Experiments in the Dark: AnA Wojak + Virginia Barratt, NORPA, 2011