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This poem is not a panic

ARI Remix Project

The Lethal Stage. A memoir.
the REMIX Project is an open source public archive, eresource and database, is a collaborative memory of ephemeral artist-run culture and heritage

mycelial dreamings at cementa

The work, ‘a lovesong for the future’ was oracular, conjuring another world into being out of the postindustrial ruins of toxic coal mines and deathly boardrooms created by capital. Yet rather than performing as the singular figure of an oracle, Barratt’s presentation seemed to be – as the subtitle suggested – more a matter of divination, of sensing, tuning into and channelling other voices, both human and beyond-human, both plant and implant.

barratt and boyd

A large white box stands in a narrow graffiti covered back alley. The alley is a dead end. The box is sealed on all sides except for a small aperture at the front, a peep hole. The audience can view the action in the box through this opening only…

running writing notes

writing about running.
… between us and keppel a sea fog, hunkered down, hugging the top of the water, rolling, roiling, a live thing, caught between temperatures, not flying away towards the sun and burning into blue. wind puffs its chest and suddenly the sea fog is racing across the water towards us, hits the bluff and rises up over the weathered headland and down the other side to settle in a bowl there…

vns matrix

cyberfeminism was a catalytic moment, a collective memetic mind-virus that mobilised geek girls everywhere and unleashed the blasphemic techno-porno code that made machines pleasurable and wet.

…on vns matrix

CyberFeminism \\ˈsī-bərˈfe-mə-ni-zəm \\ : A wave of thought, criticism, and art that emerged in the early 1990s, galvanizing a generation of feminists, before bursting along with the dot-com bubble. The term was coined simultaneously by the British cultural theorist Sadie Plant and the Australian art collective VNS Matrix in 1991, during the heady upwelling of cyberculture—that crucial moment in which the connective technology of the Internet was moving into the public sphere.

my youtube channel
my youtube channel has sountracks and documentation from a number of performance events, a short film and some works in progress

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